“What’s Going On” is an hour-long talk show from 8:00 – 9:00 a.m each weekday morning. Daily co-hosts are featured along with prominent local guests for discussions of important issues facing the Fayetteville community. Regular guests include Senator Eric Mansfield and Mayor Tony Chavonne. “What’s Going On” was launched in June of 2010. Because WIDU is a locally owned, community-oriented radio station, hosts have the freedom to confront important local issues head on. Typically they include topics like public education, crime and punishment, religion, government and social justice.

Regular Hosts & Co-Hosts include;
Monday=Wes, Troy & Jeff,
Tuesdays = Randy Voller, James Powell,
Wednesdays=Councilman Rev. Chalmers McDougald,
Thursdays=Kirk deViere,
Fridays=Mayor Pro-Tem Kady Ann Davy, and various “News Maker” community guests.


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Issue Based...Knowledge Driven.

WIDU 1600 AM is owned by Wes and Sandy Cookman and located in Fayetteville, North Carolina. WIDU programming includes, news, talk radio, church services, and gospel music.

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